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Want to Be Happy in Business? Start Your Own!

November 18, 2016


Office Genie’s latest research has revealed the secret to achieving happiness in the workplace is to start your own company. Business owners are 17% happier than average - significantly happier than every other demographic in the workplace.

When meditating on the working day, business owners are also the happiest: business owners stated they feel positive before and after work, 70% and 68% respectively. This is a marked improvement on the feelings of lower-level employees: only 37% of junior staff feel positive before their working day for example.

A further sizable difference between business owners and other employees is the value placed on pay. Business owners are the only workers to value job satisfaction (29%) higher than pay (26%). They also placed a notable amount of importance on colleague relationships (24%).

Perhaps key to this is the financial independence afforded by owning your business: Business owners are overwhelmingly the most comfortable with their earnings. Only 26% feel they deserve to earn higher wages and a whopping 70% are happy with their pay. This differs remarkably to the other members of the workforce: Overall fewer than half of employees are happy with their pay.

Peter Ames, Head of Strategy at, has the following to say on the findings: “Global Entrepreneurship week offers an opportunity to reflect on the many advantages of starting your own business. While there are undoubtedly risks, the rewards are there to be seen.

“Our figures show business owners tend to see high levels of job satisfaction, financial autonomy and ultimately happiness.”

”So, if you are considering starting up your own business, the facts show it could well be the best thing you’ve ever done!”

Founder of Genie Ventures, Ciaron Dunne, further discusses the benefits of having your own business: “Business owners bear large amounts or risk, responsibility and uncertainty but, quite simply, I have the best job in the world. I have this unique opportunity to create exactly the kind of company I want to work at, and to work with exactly the kind of people who inspire me.

“I'm also fortunate that I tend to thrive with risk and uncertainty, and that the business has been relatively successful. I should definitely mention the huge benefits of watching great people coming through, of celebrating successes and sticking together, and of looking forward to coming back to the office every day.

“Everyone should get to love where they work, and - as a business owner - I get to do just that!”

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